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Food safety tips when dealing with fresh produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a staple of summer cooking. Whether home grown, store bought or purchased from a local farmer’s market, fresh produce is healthy and nutritious, but it can also harbor dangerous bacteria if not stored, handled, and … Continue reading

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Proper food safety and Thanksgiving

We’ve shared a lot of great information on food safety over the last few months, but it bears repeating as cooks everywhere prepare their Thanksgiving meals. From pre meal prep to post dinner cleanup, following proper food safety techniques will … Continue reading

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Tainted strawberries and more food safety tips

On the heels of the third largest meat recall in U.S. history last week because of salmonella, fresh strawberries sold at farm stands and farmer markets in Oregon has sickened several people with E. coli. With all the news lately … Continue reading

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E. coli and food safety

Our blog has been devoted to skin cancer and sun safety the last few days, but thought it was important to address the topic of food safety in light of recent news of the E. coli outbreak in Germany. Several … Continue reading

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