Promoting sustainability with Earth Day

Earth Day (April 22) is almost upon us. Entering its 42nd year, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide to promote environmental protection and sustainability through events, petitions, and campaigns such as Billion Acts of Green.

This year’s theme, Mobilize the Earth, hopes to join voices around the world to promote energy that is renewable, efficient and accessible. The goal is to register 1 billion actions before the global Earth Summit in Rio in June. Whether it’s eliminating toxic cleaning products, using reusable shopping bags at the store, doing laundry in cold water, or recycling paper at the office, there’s an action for every person.

Head on over to and learn more about the history of Earth Day, or to register your green action.

Some other great actions you can take right now include:

  • use a clothesline to dry clothes
  • switch to reusable water bottles
  • take advantage of natural light and leave lights off during the day
  • turn off the television when not in use
  • start using natural soy based cleaners for household chores

A lot of these are minimal or no cost actions that will actually help you save money.

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