Protecting Our Waterways for a Better Environment

SoyWorld USA is all about helping you and your family live a healthy and natural lifestyle in 2012. Our products are made from pure soybeans. Our household products offer a more eco-friendly alternative to classic cleaners available on the market. In fact, we explored the hidden dangers in traditional cleaning products in 2011 – click here to read more! You’ll be surprised to learn all the harmful chemicals found in traditional household cleaners.

Some chemicals break down harmlessly in the waterways after being treated and released at municipal treatment facilities. Others do not and act as hormone disrupters, potentially threatening the reproductive capacity of fish, birds, and mammals. Other chemicals are classified as pesticides by the EPA and kill helpful bacteria in the waterways.

Our products are biodegradable and also help other oils and acids decompose in the ever threatened water systems of the world. To learn more, visit us at or visit us on Facebook.

We’re also offering a discount on the purchase of two or more cleaning products through the end of February. Just use coupon code GRNHOME04 at checkout.

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