Holiday cleanup a snap with SoyShine

Holiday cleanup can be a daunting task. Whether it’s grease or baked on food, it’s tough to find just the right product to tackle the mess…until now! Our featured product this month is SoyShine Dish & Tableware Cleanser. It’s made from the natural power of soybeans. SoyShine attacks and dislodges grease and food particles the second it hits the surface. Just think “scrubbing bubbles” without the fumes or harsh abrasives.

SoyShine uses soy micro particles to power away dirt, stains, and bacteria from dishes, glasses, utensils, cookware, and more. Its concentrated spray delivery system helps you consume less detergent and water, saving you time and money! Plus, the natural emollients of soy soften your hands. No gloves or hard scrubbing required when using SoyShine.

Other great uses for SoyShine include:

  • Cleans stainless steel surfaces, including appliances.
  • Cleans jewelry to a sparkling shine without harming precious metals. Spray directly on jewelry or add small amount to water.
  • Ceramic stove top cleaner. Just use a damp, non abrasive cloth and buff to a shine with a dry towel.
  • Removes crayon stains. Just spray, soak 10 seconds and wipe.
  • Helps remove odor and buildup in drain pipes.

An independent laboratory study confirmed that SoyShine is 99.99% effective at killing bacteria.

The best part is SoyShine is biodegradable and helps break down oils and acids in the water system.

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