SoyMagic Skin Cleanser – October Featured Product

SoyWorld USA’s featured product for October is SoyMagic Skin Cleanser. This gentle, yet powerful skin cleanser removes makeup, dirt, and bacteria without irritation. Many cleansers are very harsh on your skin, stripping it of essential oils and leaving it tight and dry. With regular use of SoyMagic Skin Cleanser, your skin will be restored to its natural suppleness. Leave squeaky clean for your counters, not your skin.

Who should use SoyMagic Skin Cleanser?

Everyone! Even if you have dry, oily, combination, eczema, psoriasis or acne prone skin.

Where to use SoyMagic Skin Cleanser?

While we focus on the face, SoyMagic Skin Cleanser is actually many cleansers in one. Discover its magic as a hand cleanser, or in the shower or bath as a body wash. SoyMagic Skin Cleanser also makes an excellent hair shampoo, especially if you wash your hair daily. It won’t dry out your hair like traditional shampoos.

All of SoyMagic’s skin care products are dermatologists tested and recommended.  Studies show soy helps enhance skin’s elasticity, reduces blotchiness and discoloration, reduces unwanted hair, and controls oil production.

SoyMagic’s skin care products don’t contain petrochemicals and harmful synthetics like parabens and sulfates. Our products are biodegradable.

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