Back sleeping is best for skin health

Having a nighttime skin care routine is essential for healthy skin, but did you know that how you sleep also plays a role in keeping the wrinkles at bay? According to the American Academy of Dermatology sleeping on your side or face down can lead to sleep lines (aka wrinkles).

Side sleeping increases wrinkles on the chin and cheeks, while sleeping face down or on the stomach can give you a furrowed brow. It’s best to sleep on your back. Side and stomach sleepers can make some adjustments by moving their pillow down or even experimenting with memory foam or other special pillows. You can even use a rolled up towel placed behind the neck for support. Back sleepers also benefit from a firm mattress. It may take a few days and some adjustments, but it is possible to become a back sleeper. Not only is sleeping on your back better for your face, but it could also eliminate neck, shoulder, and back pain caused by other sleep positions.

Getting a good night’s rest is also important for skin health. Proper sleep gives your body a chance to heal and recover from the day’s events. Most experts recommend 8 hours. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed.

In fact, quality sleep is a powerful anti aging tool. Combined with a nighttime skin care routine and proper sleep position, you’ll wake up feeling rested and looking better.

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