Using soy cleaners for outdoor projects

Now is a great time to take care of all the outdoor cleaning projects you’ve been neglecting. Whether it’s cleaning your grill, car, or garage, soy based cleansers are a great alternative to traditional cleaning products to take care of tough stains with no harsh scrubbing or chemicals.

Most traditional cleaners are made using petrochemicals and volatile organic compounds, which can be dangerous in a number of ways. From air quality, exposure risks and environmental hazards, these cleaners typically carry warning labels.

Soy cleaners don’t use petrochemicals or VOC’s, but work just as well as their traditional counterparts. These cleaners do not evaporate or release chemicals into the environment. They are non toxic and biodegradable. Soy cleaners are also gentler on skin and can be used safely around children and pets.

So, how do soy cleaners work? It all depends, as not all of them are made the same way. SoyWorld USA uses a patented process to create millions of soy micro particles designed to bust up dirt and grime the instant they hit the surface. This is done naturally without harsh or toxic chemicals.

Soy based all purpose cleansers have many uses around the house, but it’s also great to use on outdoor cleanup projects. These cleaners work wonders in the garage, whether it’s cleaning tools or removing buildup from car parts, toolboxes and workstations. They are also safe to use on most car interiors (except leather) and exteriors. As a precaution, use a small amount on a test area.

Use soy all purpose cleansers to remove dirt, bacteria, and buildup from small vinyl or plastic pools before refilling with new water. Clean plastic and metal lawn furniture, or clean grill grates with a few quick sprays. Clean and sanitize pet or bird feeders. Add a small amount to water for use in a power washer for cleaning vinyl siding.  The possibilities are endless with a soy based all purpose cleaner, and the best part is it won’t damage or harm outdoor items like traditional chemical based cleaners.

A soy based dish & tableware cleanser does more than just dishes. It can be used on outdoor stainless steel surfaces such as the exterior of a gas grill.  Remove grease buildup and splatter with a few quick sprays, rinse with water and buff to a shine with a towel. You can also remove brake dust and oil residue from tire rims. Use on glass top patio tables or glass decorative items without residue or water spots.

A soy based fruit & vegetable cleanser can be used on garden fresh produce and removes 99 percent of bacteria naturally – cleaning away wax, topically applied chemicals and dirt from produce. It contains no chemicals and is 100 percent safe for your family.  

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