More going green quick tips…

Do less laundry. By wearing clothing such as jeans more than once, you’ll
save water, energy, detergent, and money. In fact, you’ll extend the life of
clothing by washing less. If you’re worried about smells in between washings,
hang items in a well ventilated room to air out. You can also invest in a
chemical free fabric refresher or make your own.

Take advantage of precycling. Consider the packaging on a product
before buying. Avoid single use products. Look into whether it’s made with recycled
materials or if it can be recycled. Compare the size of the product to the size
of the packaging. Making choices with these things in mind will help make
recycling easier and create less waste for you.

Become a DIY person. Do-it-yourself projects are pretty easy, even for
the novice person. Learn to sew and repair clothing you would otherwise replace.
Learn how to repair a leaky faucet. Refinish furniture instead of buying new.
There are a ton of ideas and self-help guides on the Internet to repair just
about anything.

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