The Magic of Soy!

Welcome to our blog. You’re probably thinking “Great, another company-based blog touting its products and services.” OK, so maybe you would be somewhat correct, however, our main purpose is to educate readers on what we would like to call the Green Revolution. Incorporating a green or organic lifestyle isn’t hard or expensive. In fact, the benefits on your health and the environment are far reaching. There is so much research being done on conventional products and the negative impacts on our health and environment. We’ve been conditioned through the years that if a product isn’t harsh or have a strong odor, then it must not be working. This is far from the truth. We’ll explore this and much more in future blog updates. We feel it’s important you know more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

SoyWorld USA is based out of Decatur, Illinois. Decatur sits in the middle of the state and is also corporate home to Archer Daniels Midland Company, one of the world’s largest agricultural processors. Our mission from the beginning was to show the world that soy was much more than just a health food ingredient. As consumers ourselves, we were tired of using products that left our skin feeling dry, cracked and irritated. We also couldn’t shake the suspicion that breathing in toxic smelling fumes was unhealthy. We were also concerned about how all of these chemicals were harming the environment and waterways.

After years of painstaking formulation and testing, we introduced SoyMagic Skin Cleanser in 2004 that used a revolutionary all natural soy formula that cleaned exceptionally well and was friendly to the environment. We wondered if the same process could be used in other ways. Through time and more testing, the answer was a resounding “YES”. Our household products include SoyMagic All Purpose Cleanser, SoyShine Dish & Tableware Cleanser, and SoyFresh Fruit and Vegetable Cleanser. We also developed SoyMagic Body Lotion and SoyMagic Facial Lotion to complete our skin care line. We also feature SoyGolf, a golf club cleanser. Future product development includes a laundry detergent and an automatic dish washing liquid.

Our patented process starts with real soybeans – not soy extracts or soy oils – and is broken down into incredibly small particles. These micro particles travel at incredibly high speeds and force when they encounter a surface. The cleansing mechanism in SoyMagic cleansers is much more effective, much more efficient, gentler on your hands, and kinder to you and your family’s health than any other cleanser currently on the market.

An independent laboratory also tested our products and found them to be 99.99 percent effective against fighting bacteria. This puts SoyMagic in a truly elite category of disinfecting cleansers developed from all natural active ingredients. Fighting bacteria naturally is very meaningful to healthy and environmentally conscious consumers. We are very excited about sharing these results – just one more benefit to our products.

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